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Chimney Sweep Kresson, Baltimore

Whether you are looking for a chimney cleaning, to install a chimney cap, or you just want an expert to inspect the condition of your chimney assembly, Baltimore Carpet & Upholstery has got you covered.

Our friendly and experienced professional chimney sweeps are certified to conduct the full range of Kresson, Baltimore chimney sweep services, including chimney inspection, cleaning, and repairs. This basic maintenance will help keep you and your family safe by helping to prevent dangerous and destructive chimney fires. Homeowners throughout Kresson, Baltimore, Maryland rely on professional chimney cleaning as a regular part of their home maintenance.

Taking a Look Inside

Our chimney sweeps examine the chimney shaft for signs of deterioration like missing mortar and cracked ceramic tiles. These defects can compromise the safety of the chimney assembly, so it's very important to have your chimney inspected before you light your first fire in the fall or winter. The inspection will also identify any obstructions or areas of significant creosote deposits that will need to be cleaned by our chimney sweep in Kresson, Baltimore.

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Lighting a wood fire in the fireplace almost always leaves behind a residue called creosote. It is a sign that the wood did not burn up evenly, usually due to burning wood that was not properly seasoned, though even seasoned wood will leave behind creosote deposits. Creosote is highly flammable, and it is important to remove creosote deposits of even 1/8 inch on the chimney lining.

Safety is Our First Priority

After inspecting your chimney and fireplace, the chimney sweep will let you know whether chimney cleaning is recommended at that point or not and will discuss with you any areas of concern. Your safety is our first priority. We may recommend chimney lining repair or replacement based on the condition of your current lining. Some very old homes may have chimneys that are completely unlined, as building codes did not require it at that time.

If you do not have a chimney cap, Baltimore Carpet & Upholstery highly recommends chimney cap installation to keep errant sparks from setting your roof ablaze. Chimney caps also prevent the entry of animals and birds into the chimney shaft and protect the inside of the chimney from ice, snow and rain.

Our Kresson, Baltimore chimney services include:

  • Chimney inspection
  • Chimney cleaning / brushing
  • Chimney lining installation and repair
  • Chimney cap installation
  • and more!

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Chimney Sweep Service Kresson, Baltimore
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