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Carpet Cleaning

How long will it take my carpet to dry?

Carpets typically dry within 5 to 10 hours after steam cleaning. The amount of time varies depending on the amount of air movement in the room during drying and the humidity level outside. Carpets that were heavily stained may also take longer to dry.

Our dry carpet cleaning methods use very low moisture to remove dirt, stains and odors from your carpets. These methods will dry much more quickly, and are good for a quick cleaning before guests come over.

Why is professional cleaning better than renting a carpet cleaning machine myself?

  • Having experienced technicians to clean your carpets means better cleaning, without the carpet getting too wet.
  • We use green cleaning solutions for safe, effective carpet cleaning.
  • Professional equipment means faster cleaning. And when you trust the professionals at Baltimore Carpet & Upholstery, you can rest assured that your carpets will be clean fresh, and without chemical residue.

Why did the stains reappear after cleaning?

There are a couple of reasons this may have happened. It may be a very deep stain, which returned to the surface of the carpet as the carpet dried. Or it may be a stain that was previously treated, and the area may need different treatment to remove the previous residue and clean up the stain. Either way, give us a call and we'll be happy to come back and take care of it for you.

Will cleaning make my carpet get dirty again faster?

This idea came about in the days when carpet shampooing was widespread, without rinsing afterwards. When the shampoo dried in the carpeting, it left the carpeting sticky, and so dirt would be attracted to those areas. Our modern carpet cleaning methods have eliminated this problem.

Can you get rid of pet stains and odors?

Yes! Baltimore Carpet & Upholstery has the advanced enzymatic solutions that can break down the proteins in pet urine that make the stains seem so impossible to come up.

Why should you add stain protection to carpet and upholstery after cleaning?

Stain protection like Scotchgard™ gives you a short period of time to wipe up a spill before it soaks into the carpet or upholstery fabric. It also helps the fibers resist soiling, to stay cleaner longer and to release more dirt with vacuuming.

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Questions about Baltimore Carpet & Upholstery

Why don't you give estimates on the website?

A lot of different things can influence how much a cleaning job will cost. Baltimore Carpet & Upholstery wants to give you the most accurate price estimate possible, either by talking directly with our phone representative or by an on-site estimate (this is the most accurate).

What is your satisfaction guarantee? How does it work?

We want you to be 100% satisfied. So if you have a problem with a job that we've done, just get in touch with us so we can set it right for you. For instance, it might mean coming out again to your home to take care of a stain, with no additional fee.

Mattress Cleaning

How often should I have my mattress cleaned?

Regular cleaning, like changing the sheets and vacuuming, you can do as often as you like, usually every week. However, if you opt for professional mattress cleaning, you can do this at a regular interval of 3 to 6 months. ?This will, of course, depend on the activities on your mattress. If you smoke, eat, and drink, have kids and pets on your bed, then you may wish to clean your mattress more frequently.

Is it necessary to have my mattress cleaned?

Yes, it is necessary to have it cleaned because a dirty mattress with all sorts of unhygienic pollutants can be harmful to your health. Think of all that sweat, dead skin flakes, bodily fluids, and any dirt that accumulates in your mattress over time. Cleaning is necessary.

Why should I opt for a professional mattress cleaning service?

Vacuuming your mattress only cleans the surface of your mattress. It is vital that you deep clean the mattress with steam cleaning or dry cleaning, which the professional service offers.? This way, you will effectively get rid of bacteria, odor, and any unhygienic pollutants that might exist in the mattress.?

Which is the better mattress cleaning method, steam cleaning or dry cleaning?

The method of mattress cleaning will depend on the mattress fabric and the pollutants present. The professionals will check your mattress out and figure out the best cleaning method for it to ensure an impressive result.

How do I get an estimate for my mattress cleaning?

Contact us for a free estimate here, or call us directly at 410-505-8079.

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