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It is a fact of life - new furniture won't stay new forever. But that doesn't mean it can't look like it is. With Baltimore Carpet & Upholstery cleaning services, you can have that just bought from the store feeling for a fraction of the price of a new sofa!

Why Professional Upholstery Cleaning is Necessary

Regular vacuuming or spot cleaning can help maintain the surface cleanliness of your upholstery, but it's not sufficient to remove deep-seated dirt and microorganisms. For instance, consider the case of a sofa that has been host to countless movie nights and snack times. Over time, it harbors food particles, drink spills, pet hair, dust mites, and other allergens that are invisible to the naked eye. These impurities can trigger allergies and respiratory issues among family members.

Moreover, different upholstery materials require specific cleaning methods. A cleaning technique suitable for leather may not work for synthetic fabric or velvet. Improper cleaning can cause fading, shrinkage, or even damage to the upholstery. This is where professional upholstery cleaning comes to the rescue.

Customized Upholstery Cleaning: Tailored Solutions for Every Fabric Type

Upholstery cleaning is not a one size fits all kind of job. Since upholstery comes in all kinds and grades of fibers, each individual upholstered piece must be custom cleaned. When our Baltimore cleaning team provides you with upholstery cleaning, we begin the process by examining the target cleaning areas. First and foremost, we let you know exactly what you can expect. If you like, we are happy to demonstrate our cleaning results on a test section of your upholstery so you can have an idea of what the end result would be.

Expert Upholstery Cleaning in Baltimore

We pride ourselves on offering a comprehensive upholstery cleaning service that not only cleans but also revives and refreshes your furniture. Our service includes:


Our professionals start with a thorough inspection of the upholstery to identify the fabric type, colorfastness, and any stubborn stains or areas of concern. This step ensures we choose the most effective and safe cleaning method for your upholstery.

Deep Cleaning:

With your permission, we will begin cleaning your furniture by applying our pH balanced pre-conditioning solution. This loosens the soil and dirt embedded deep in your upholstery fibers. This soil and dirt, by the way, is what causes your sofa to look dull, old, and worn out.

The next step will depend on what kind of fabric it is. Perhaps we'll use our proven steam cleaning method or maybe work with dry cleaning. Don't worry, if you're not sure exactly what kind of upholstery you have, rest assured that our Baltimore upholstery cleaning experts do. They know everything about upholstery cleaning.

Using industry-grade equipment and eco-friendly cleaning solutions, we deep clean the upholstery, removing all the dust, allergens, and stains without causing any harm to the fabric or its color.

Deodorizing and Protection:

After the cleaning process, we deodorize the upholstery to eliminate any lingering odors, leaving your furniture smelling fresh and clean. We also offer optional protective treatments to guard against future spills and stains.

The upholstery drying time will depend on the amount of work done, but upholstery generally dries more quickly than carpets. We say around 1-2 hours, however cotton and cotton mixes will take a bit longer.

Upholstery Cleaning Service Baltimore
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Never Too Late to Start!

Our professional upholstery cleaning service not only enhances the appearance of your furniture but also extends its life and contributes to a healthier home environment. So, don't wait for your upholstery to look dirty before you call in the professionals. Regular professional cleaning can keep your furniture looking great and your home environment healthy.

Even if you haven't had your upholstery cleaned in years (or never), we'd love to help your furniture look lighter and brighter again. Call Baltimore Carpet & Upholstery today and tell our phone representative about your upholstery cleaning needs to receive a free, no-obligation price estimate.


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