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Gutter Cleaning

When the gutters need cleaning in Baltimore, leave your ladder in the garage and call the experts at Baltimore Carpet & Upholstery. With our convenient scheduling and local availability, we will have your gutters and downspouts free of debris in no time at all.

Twice a Year Cleaning and Maintenance

If you wait until your gutters are overflowing in a bad rainstorm before getting them cleaned, you are risking water damage to the roof fascia, gutters, house siding and foundation. And it doesn't have to be this way. This damage could largely be avoided with a regular schedule of gutter cleaning and timely gutter maintenance and repair of leaks from holes, cracks, or seams. Baltimore gets an average of 41 inches of rain a year, so your gutters need to be in good working order to avoid water damage to your home.

Baltimore Carpet & Upholstery recommends gutter cleaning twice a year:

  • Spring or early summer, when nearby trees clog rain gutters with helicopter seed pods and tree blossoms
  • Mid to late fall, to clean out fallen leaves and pine needles.

Services for Every Need

Whether you just need your gutters clean or they also need maintenance to work properly, we have the services that you need.

Gutter Cleaning Services:

  • Cleaning out debris from the gutters by hand or with a specialized vacuum
  • Removal of debris also from the rooftop, so that it doesn't fall into the gutter
  • Careful disassembly of downspout as necessary to clean blockages
  • Testing of gutters for free flow of water and for leaks
  • Examination of gutters for other necessary repairs
  • Bagging of gutter debris to keep your yard clean.

Gutter Repair Services:

  • Gutter seam repair
  • Replacement of broken gutter hangers
  • Stabilization of loose gutters
  • Re-angling gutters for optimum drainage to the downspout.

Installation Services:

  • Gutter guards
  • Gutter screens
Gutter Cleaning Services
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