Hardwood Floor Cleaning and Refinishing

hardwood floors treatment

Wood floors are an excellent alternative to carpeting for almost any commercial or residential space. While they do not have the same warmth and noise cancelling capabilities as carpets do, many people prefer the refined appearance of wood floors to the appearance of carpeting.

What Cleaning Is Required for Floors?

To some extent, wood flooring requires less frequent cleaning care than carpeting. Wood floors certainly do not absorb bacteria and soil as carpets do. Carpets should be vacuumed regularly and deep cleaned twice a year. When carpet is damaged by a buildup of soil, the results are usually felt in the texture and seen in a general dulling of the color. This is very different than damage to a wood floor, where every scratch and blotch can stand out like a sore thumb against the gleaming finish.

Regardless of the occupants of your home, a wood floor will inevitably be victim to damage. Whether from furniture moving, heavy items dropping or liquid spilling, no wood floor stays blemish free. You can minimize damages and scratches from dirt and grit through frequent sweeping or vacuuming.

What We Do

Baltimore Carpet & Upholstery cleaning offers a first class wood floor cleaning service for Baltimore residents consisting of:

  • Buffing- a process to even out the wood floor surface.
  • Sanding- to wear down any scratches or to buff out any blemishes.
  • Sealing- application of polyurethane to provide a beautiful finish and a protective coat for your floor.

Why a Professional?

It is better to have a professional clean and seal your wood floors than to do it yourself because wood floors can be easily damaged by moisture. Not only that, but sanding and buffing wood floors may involve the removal of the previous polyurethane coat. Any imperfections in the sanding will be magnified later by the finish, so you want the best, most even sanding job that you can find. Special attention areas might need additional or separate care, such as crack and gouge repair, or even board replacement.

Each of our wood floor cleaning services comes with a free over the phone or on-site price estimate. Just call our customer service representatives to get started.

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