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Baltimore Carpet Cleaning treats each and every one of its visitors with dignity and respect. No piece of personal information will ever be ill-treated. We do not use cookies, store IP's or use any other type of computerized personal information collection method. Only comments stated in the "Get a Free Estimate" form are accumulated in order to provide a reliable communication between our web site and any potential customer. Our informational database is highly secured by several software entities especially designed to obtain this goal, what makes sharing any private information completely impossible.

Baltimore Carpet Cleaning web site gathers only the following data from its visitors:

1. Personal details: first and last name

2. Phone number

3. Email address: to prevent communication failure

4. Zip code

5. Requested service type

6. Comments stated in the "Get a Free Estimate" form

Personal information submitted by users:
BaltimoreCarpetCleaning.Com only uses personal information submitted by users who have filled our online Contact/Estimate or question forms to respond to users who have specifically asked for our reply. Our replies are case sensitive and will never contain extra or unrequested information not asked for. No personal information is transferred, offered or traded to any third party and is kept strictly confidential in our records.

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