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Pet owners know that the occasional urine accident is inevitable. Yet when you see that it happened again in the center of the carpet or even on your valuable oriental rug, it can be hard to resist the natural temptation to clean it up right away.

Scrubbing will only make the stain penetrate deeper into the carpet, and regular cleansers or spot removers may set the stain instead of removing it. That's exactly the opposite of what you want.

Instead, after you give your carpet the initial first aid it needs, call Baltimore Carpet & Upholstery. Our carpet cleaning experts have successfully removed many pet stains for our customers, and will be able to give you a good idea of the likely results before they start cleaning.

No More Stain, No More Smell

The stains are ugly enough, but the smell can be even worse. Your pet didn't do it intentionally, but it can really make your whole house less pleasant. Unfortunately, the smell may linger even after cleaning if the urine spreads deep down into the carpet pad due to improper cleaning techniques.

Normal cleaners, even powerful ones, just aren't effective at cleaning up protein-based stains like pet stains. You need a cleaning containing natural enzyme stain busters.

Baltimore Carpet & Upholstery can't wait to introduce you to the special range of stain and odor elimination products we have selected. They were developed specifically to break down odor-causing proteins and treat bacteria. Apart from being eco friendly and environmentally safe, our products actually remove pet stains and odors. An odor free home is only a phone call away, so why wait another minute?

First Aid for Pet Stains

Our in-house specialists on PET STAIN REMOVAL have some first aid tips for you on how to deal with those emergency carpet stains and how to maintain your carpet cleaning health longer.

  • The first thing to remember in this situation is that delaying treatment is not a good idea. The longer you wait, the greater the damage, especially on light-colored materials. If you wait too long, the stain might just stay there forever.
  • Professional carpet cleaning equipment is designed to agitate carpet fibers safely, without damage. Be careful what you use on your own carpet - do not rub. It is very important to gently blot up all the liquid from the carpet that you can before you rinse or add any spot remover. White vinegar diluted at a ratio of 1:3 can help to neutralize the odor.
  • Enzyme treatments should be allowed to sit for at least 20 minutes, depending on the label instructions, as they need this time to break down the proteins.
  • Rinsing the carpet with clean water is advisable, as long as you don't flood the area. Ventilation and drying afterwards is just as important.

If you try these quick clean-up techniques, and are still left with those persistent stains on your carpets, it is time to contact Baltimore Carpet & Upholstery for professional pet stain removal.

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