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Baltimore Carpet & Upholstery offers a variety of services, but our rug cleaning service is particularly special. In fact, rug cleaning complements our wood floor treatments very well. Cleaning your wood floors presents the perfect opportunity to clean the fiber filters (your rugs) resting on them as well. Rug cleaning will not only bring out the beauty of your rug's natural dyes, remove embedded odors and leave behind a freshly cleaned smell, but it also, like carpet cleaning, has the added benefit helping to improve your indoor air quality.

One of the main risks in rug cleaning, and in carpet cleaning as well, is over saturation. Even though it might seem counterintuitive, moisture is not your rugs friend and it is certainly not your wood floor's friend. Over saturation in both cases almost certainly leads to irreconcilable damage, like structural warping.

What's Your Rug Type?

Rug cleaning requires appropriate drying techniques which correspond to a rug's particular fiber. Many of today's home decor companies offer inexpensive and replaceable synthetic rugs which are designed to be user cleaning friendly. While you are probably capable of cleaning these kinds of rugs yourselves, it does take a good amount of time and effort and we won't judge you if you prefer us to do it for you.

What you probably shouldn't attempt to you clean is your hand-woven natural fiber rugs, like Oriental and Persian rugs. These rugs are constructed painstakingly by hand, using knotting techniques developed when the only way to clean a rug was to take it outside and beat it. As such, these rugs should be cleaned with specialized rug cleaning equipment, especially developed to clean these delicate rugs thoroughly. Our rug cleaning facility also provides a temperature regulated drying environment, to give the best care to your rug.

For more information on our unique rug cleaning and our rug repair options, call Baltimore Carpet & Upholstery today.

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